We are a disabled people’s organisation. It means that our team understands our clients and the issues they face from the inside out.

Case Studies

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Energy Advice

Our customer lived alone in a one-bedroom council flat. He was off sick due to a broken ankle. He was due to go back to work when the factory he worked in burned down and he became unemployed. 

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Inclusive Voices – Doncaster Students Forum

Over an 8-month period (November 2021–June 2022), a monthly session took place at the Doncaster College Hub. In total, there were 9 attendees, with an age range of between 16 & 19 years of age. Each participant was a student at Doncaster College.

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Benefits Advice & Information

Our client is in her 50s in a St Leger Property and on permanent sick leave. She lives alone and is quite isolated.

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