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Inclusive Voices is an informal, socially driven Peer Support User Group for local people affected by disability issues. It is supported and maintained by Live Inclusive. Its aim is to provide continuous engagement with community activities and other services by sharing ideas and information. This supports our work by raising awareness and making connections.

  • To facilitate fun activities that can increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • To invite speakers to discuss local services and information (decided by the group)
  • To develop the ability of attendees to articulate their needs with confidence.
  • To help attendees learn how to facilitate group discussion, with the aim of recruiting volunteers to support the work of Inclusive Voices in the longer term.
  • To offer Disability Confidence training for those who would be interested in developing their skills further.
  • To share experiences and stories with our communities.
  • To inform by becoming a powerful unified voice that will help us to shape the future of our local services.

Doncaster College Student
Disability Forum

Live Inclusive facilitates a Student Disability Forum
on behalf of Doncaster College.

Its aims are to:

  • Support students to express their experiences
  • Raise awareness about disability
  • Support Doncaster College to provide opportunities for students to voice their needs
  • Help students to build confidence by giving them a collective voice


This year the students are creating a comic and visiting a local primary school to raise awareness about disabled children and bullying.

They also recently created a video to spread disability awareness and raise
knowledge of how students live daily with a disability; especially when studying at the college.

Watch Beth’s story below:

Our peer support group in Doncaster College recently created a video filmed by the students of Doncaster College to spread disability awareness and to raise knowledge of how students live day by day with a disability, especially when studying at the college. Watch Beth’s story below

We have 2 Inclusive Voices Groups


Main Group

(Currently meeting every 3rd Thursday at CAST Café)

Doncaster College Students

(meetings are monthly but there is no fixed schedule)